Title: Akoori ZEE5 Season 1 Download
Genre: Drama | Comedy
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 30 August 2018
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Akoori is a ZEE5 Original starring Darshan Jariwala, Lillete Dubey, Shadab Kamal, Zoa Morani, Sohrab Sunny, Adi Irani and Harsh Nagar. This dysfunctional family drama revolves around a super enthusiastic Bawa father, his misunderstood son, sexually frustrated daughter, annoyingly lewd Punjabi son-in-law, hot neighborhood aunty and his greedy brother who’s behind Bawa’s property. The drama unfolds when a tragedy forces this scrambled crazy family to come together under one roof and try to mend their relationships with one another.

Akoori Season 1 Episodes List:

Akoori Episode 1 – Dara’s Ailing Wife
When his wife Zarine slips into coma, Dara decides to inform his estranged children, Kaizad and Jehan, about their mother’s condition. The siblings who haven’t visited home for years, finally return to their ailing mother and cash-strapped father. Meanwhile, Dara’s greedy cousin, Zeus, is desperate to sell Dar Meher, their ancestral house. Will Dara accept his offer?

Akoori Episode 2 – Dara and His Debts
When Jehan learns about Dara’s debts, she tries to figure out ways to repay the loan, but Kaizad remains indifferent to his father’s problems. Later, an unexpected revelation leads to a heated argument between Kaizad and Dara. Will the father and son ever resolve their differences?

Akoori Episode 3 – Jehan’s New Plan
Jehan comes up with a plan to save their home and seeks help from Ayushman, her childhood friend. Meanwhile, her husband Jimmy sets off to get booze from Daman, and Kaizad and Jehan accompany him. Upon return, the siblings trick Jimmy who has no clue of the problem awaiting to descend upon him.

Akoori Episode 4 – Ayushman Arrives
Rita discovers about Kaizad’s secret visit to Dr. Mehta and questions him, but Kaizad refuses to divulge any information. Meanwhile, Ayushman arrives to help Jehan and Dara to get their house approved as a heritage property.

Akoori Episode 5 – Zarine’s Fixed Deposit
Kaizad learns about his mother’s fixed deposit and must find a way to withdraw it. Meanwhile, relationships take interesting shape as Jehan and Ayushman grow closer, while Jimmy gets busy with Rita. After the boar hunting, Dara invites everybody for a get together which turns out to be an eventful night.

Akoori Episode 6 – Dara’s Affair
While Ayushman and Jehan hide their relationship, Dara decides to announce his secret affair and formally introduce his new partner to family and friends. How will these two affairs impact the family?

Akoori Episode 7 – Jimmy is Frustrated
Amidst all the chaos, a frustrated Jimmy confides his problems to Kaizad but his relationship with Jehan sours further. Meanwhile, an old unresolved issue between Kaizad and Farhan resurfaces, and the cousins have a fall-out.

Akoori Episode 8 – Zarine’s Death
While nothing seems to be going their way, Dara and family get desperate to achieve their selfish goals. Meanwhile, the news of Zarine’s death saddens everybody.

Akoori Episode 9 – Jehan and Ayushman are Exposed
During Zarine’s prayer meeting, the family members go through different emotions. While some are happy, others feel sad and miss Zarine. Zeus arrives with pictures of Jehan and Ayushman and shows it to Dara, which creates a stir.

Akoori Episode 10 – Kaizad and Jimmy’s Friendship
Dara makes an attempt to understand Kaizad’s sexual orientation, but the discussion remains incomplete as Farhan arrives. Meanwhile, Kaizad’s tries to save a drunk Jimmy from the cops, and this effort marks the beginning of a new friendship between them.

Akoori Episode 11 – Kaizad Leaves with the Money
Jimmy is heartbroken as Jehan wants a divorce. Meanwhile, Dara is excited as his financial woes will come to an end, after withdrawing Zarine’s fixed deposit. However, he is unaware that Kaizad already has the money and is planning to leave Udvada.

Akoori Episode 12 – All’s Well That Ends Well
Dara throws a party where he invites everybody including his money lenders. How will Dara handle the situation while his children have already disappeared leaving him alone with his problems.

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