Title: B Tech Web Series
Genre: Drama
Released On: 15 November 2018
Language: Hindi | Tamil | Telugu
Subtitles: English
Quality: 720p HDRip x264
Format: MKV
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B Tech Season 1 Full Episodes Free Download is a ZEE5 Telugu Original series starring Kaushik Ghantasala, Abhay Bethiganti, Meraj Ahmed and Madhulata Reddy. B Tech Web Series Download In Tamil The story revolves around three B.Tech students who have different aspirations in life. The first one wants to be a businessman, the second a bike racer and the third one a filmmaker. As they set out to fulfil their dreams, the encounter unexpected difficulties which threatens to shatter their dreams B.Tech ZEE5 Web Series Download In Telugu 720p HD.

About B.Tech Web Series 2018:

TharunBhasckar, Writer, B.Techcommented,“B.Tech is the first script that I had written with utmost honesty and which came straight from my heart. The stories were inspired by real people around me. I am so glad that the script is finally coming to life as a ZEE5 Telugu Original and is produced by Yupp Studios. With ZEE5 being one of the fastest growing platforms in the OTT space, it will definitely give B.Tech the momentum it deserves.”

He further added, “Itis directed by my childhood friend Upendra Varma who was always rooting for this script from the time I wrote the first draft. B.Tech Web Series Hindi Episodes Download I was extremely nervous about how it would turn out but the moment I saw the rushes I realised that he has taken total control of the project. There couldn’t have been a better team to work on this. One exciting aspect about B.Tech is the music,done by renowned musician Raghu Dixit. Vivek – Camera, Pratik – Direction Dept and Tanvi- Production are the main pillars of B.Tech.”

Upendra Verma, Director, B.Techcommented, “We are glad to associate with ZEE5 which has grabbed the attention of Telugu viewers in a very short span of timeand happy that Yupp Studios supported us throughout. This project was special and important to all of us. Tackling a project with over 80 locations, racing sequences, 80 secondary characters was no small challenge, but we managed to pull it off within the resources available without compromising on the story.Vinoothna Geetha’s short films have earlier inspired people to follow their dreams. We hope this project does the same. It’s definitely a story that has inspired us to never give up on our dreams and we want everyone to know through these three biographical stories that they should continue chasing their dreams.”

With over 3500 films, 500+ TV shows, 4000+ music videos, 35+ theatre plays and 90+ LIVE TV Channels across 12 languages, ZEE5 truly presents a blend of unrivalled content offering for its viewers across the nation and worldwide. With ZEE5, the global content of Zindagi as a brand, which was widely appreciated across the country, has also been brought back for its loyal viewers.

B Tech Season 1 Web Series Episodes Synopsis

B Tech Episode 1 – The Three B.Techs
Vikram, an aspiring filmmaker, participates in a filmmaking contest but feels cheated when the prize goes to an unknown participant. Akhtar’s father gifts him an old bike and his friends tease him about it. Meanwhile, Hari who aspires to be a businessman bunks classes to business but continues to face rejection from clients. How will these three B.Tech fare in life?

B Tech Episode 2 – Beg, Borrow, Steal
Vikram’s friends, Pratap and Vishnu, convince him that they must make a short film. The trio start auditioning but face a roadblock on the first day of shoot. The trio later decide to rent shooting equipment, but lack of funds force them to steal from the shop.

B Tech Episode 3 – Raftaar
Akhtar and his friend Rafi participate in a bike race competition where their team gets the name ‘Raftaar’. Later, when Akhtar needs money to modify his bike and the two friends think of different ways to raise money. However, an unfortunate accident puts a break on all their plans.

B Tech Episode 4 – When Hari met Ramya
Hari calls up home and speaks to his mother and his sweetheart Ramya. Hari recalls the incident how he fell in love with Ramya. The company that Hari works for gets entangled in a health scare controversy and this prompts Hari to make an edible clay that will have no side effects.

B Tech Episode 5 – The Roadblocks
Vikram is caught shooting his film in the college campus and the Principal calls his father. Akhtar and Rafi win the second race, but their happiness is short lived as their family comes to know about their racing. Moreover, Arvind registers his own company, but is forced to vacate the house by the landlord.

B Tech Episode 6 – Rom-Com
Vikram panics when his father suffers a heart attack, but the tragedy creates an opportunity for the father and son to mend their relationship. Meanwhile, a digital producer encourages Vikram to make a romantic comedy and Vikram, Vishnu and Pratap decide to give it a try. What would be the fate of the rom-com?

B Tech Episode 7 – A Ray of Hope
Akhtar is desperate to get his damaged bike repaired but his efforts go in vain due to lack of funds. Meanwhile, Hari struggles to find accommodation and when Ramya arrives in the city, things get all the more difficult for Hari. Moreover, Vikram gets a call from a popular film producer who shows interest in his script.

B Tech Episode 8 – The Last Lap
Ramya takes interest in Hari’s business and comes up with ideas and strategies to expand the business. Akhtar gears up for the race and reaches out to Hari’s company for sponsorship. Meanwhile, Rafi calls Vikram and requests him to give his bike to Akhtar for the race.

B Tech Episode 9 – Follow Your Heart
Vikram’s takes a loan and completes his film. A special screening is organised where the film is liked by all but no distributor is willing to take the risk of investing in the film. When the stocks of Motorcorp company falls, Hari faces the danger of losing all his investment. Just then Hari remembers about Akhtar’s bike invention. Meanwhile, Akhtar is busy with his bike race and is desperate to win it for his late friend Rafi.

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