Title: Chitra Vichitram Season 1
Genre: Comedy
Language: Telugu
Release Date: 4 October 2018
Quality: 720p HDRip AVC
Format: MP4
Size: 1.5-GB



Download 720p Episodes Of Chitra Vichitram is a ZEE5 Telugu Original comedy web series that is sure to entertain you! The story revolves around 2 young men, Abhi and Sidhu, who have been the best of friends for several years. When Sidhu expresses his desire to make an independent movie, Abhi decides to join hands with him. Together, they approach a producer who suggests Ramya for the female lead. What follows is a series of hilarious incidents where both the men try to impress Ramya, eventually losing their focus on filmmaking! Both the friends start fighting for petty things, leading to a mess that’s going to make you laugh throughout! Will both the friends successfully complete the movie? What happens to Ramya? Find out in Chitra Vichitram, a Hindi Original comedy web series only on ZEE5!

More About

After the success of our first Telugu original, ‘Nanna Koochi’, we are confident that local stories with strong relatable characters will find great resonance with the audience. We believe that ‘Chitra Vichitram’, the light-hearted comedy with a stellar star cast, will prove our philosophy that regional content will always enjoy a warm response. At ZEE5, we have an exciting line up of original content and we are constantly innovating to add more shows which stirs emotions and builds conversations.

Chitra Vichitram Episode 1 – Good Boy Bad Boy [Telugu]
Sidhu and Abhi are not just neighbours but also the each other’s biggest competitor. While Sidhu is studious, hardworking and disciplined, Abhi is considered to be naughty and incompetent. However, life takes an unexpected turn when they finish college and choose their career paths. Read Less

Chitra Vichitram Episode 2 – Crossroads of Life [Telugu]
While the naughty Abhi secures a decent job in Bangalore, the studios Sidhu decides to make a career in films. Abhi becomes very popular amongst his office girls, but Sidhu continues to struggle in his career. However, a beautiful surprise awaits him. Read Less

Chitra Vichitram Episode 3 – The Creative Urge [Telugu]
While Abhi leaves his job, Sidhu decides to direct his very first film. They team up and meet Encouragement Narayan to finance their film. The boys return to their college to shoot their film.

Chitra Vichitram Episode 4 – Love Triangle [Telugu]
Sidhu and Abhi’s batchmate Ramya arrives to act in Sidhu’s film. Ramya’s presence brings back the good old memories of college days when Sidhu and Abhi had a crush on Ramya. How will the love triangle impact the film? Read Less

Chitra Vichitram Episode 5 – The New Twist [Telugu]
During the film shoot Abhi tries to get closer to Ramya, but Sidhu foils his plans. A desperate Abhi comes up with a new trick and tries to take advantage of Ramya. However, Sidhu adds a new twist to the tale. Read Less

Chitra Vichitram Episode 6 – Abhi Sacrifices his Love [Telugu]
In the best interest of the film and his friendship with Sidhu, Abhi decides to sacrifice his love for Ramya. After a smooth and fun-filled schedule of the film, the shooting comes to an end.

Chitra Vichitram Episode 7 – The Proposal [Telugu]
Sidhu and Abhi have a surprise birthday party for Ramya and the friends have a good time. Later, both the guys take turns to propose Ramya at a coffee shop. Who would Ramya say yes to?

Chitra Vichitram Episode 8 – Foe Turned Friends [Telugu]
When Ramya introduces her fiancé Rahul, Sidhu and Abhi get jealous. The keep their differences aside and join hands to create misunderstandings between Ramya and Rahul. Will the foe turned friends succeed in their attempts? Read Less

Chitra Vichitram Episode 9 – Film Gets Stalled [Telugu]
Having failed in love, both Abhi and Sidhu feel depressed which impacts their film. The shooting gets stalled and Narayan faces the risk of losing all his money.

Chitra Vichitram Episode 10 – Last 24 Hours [Telugu]
Sidhu and Abhi have last 24 hours to complete the shooting and save Narayan from losing his money. Can the boys overcome their problems and complete the shooting? What would be the fate of the movie?

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