Title: Horn Ok Please Season 1 In Hindi
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Release Date: 22 Feb 2018
Language: Hindi
Quality: 720p HDRip x264
Format: MKV
Size: Approx. 100-MB



What happens when a Sanskari meets an Atyachari? Advik and Gayatri – both young and ambitious, but poles apart with each other’s personalities. Destiny brings them together and now, with their new ‘live-in arrangement’, they decide not to come in each other’s way. But as we know, life always has its own plans. Horn Ok Please Hindi Dubbed Web Series By ZEE5 All Complete Episodes Free Download.

Episode 01 – Entry to the City of Dreams
Advik, a resident of Pune, decides to move to Mumbai to make a career as a writer. On his arrival, he faces many obstacles in finding a house. Will the city of dreams help him fulfil his dream?

Episode 02 – The First Encounter
Advik manages to get a house, where he comes across Gayatri, who is already staying in the same house. How will the two strangers cope up with each other?

Episode 03 – It All Begins with Friendship
Advik bumps into Prajakta, a resident of the building, and she instantly starts liking him. It is his first day in the office and Advik gets a taste of the corporate world. Meanwhile, Gayatri tries her best to make Advik comfortable and offers to drop him on her bike every day.

Episode 04 – Testing Times
While Advik and Gayatri are about to leave for work, their neighbour Sharda’s daughter, Ritu gets unwell. Advik and Gayatri help Sharda to get Ritu admitted to the hospital. Advik donates blood to another patient at the hospital. Meanwhile, Gayatri reaches the office to cover up for Advik.

Episode 05 – Entry of the Trouble-Maker
Dhamdhere has an issue with Gayatri and Advik, an unmarried couple, living together but Gayatri manages to fool him. However, how long will they hide the truth from him? Gayatri gets drunk and turns emotional about her father. Meanwhile, Prajakta expresses her feelings for Advik and Gayatri gets an opportunity to tease Advik.

Episode 06 – To Stay or Not to Stay
The society sends a notice asking Advik and Gayatri to vacate the flat. They even call for a meeting where the society decides that only one of them can stay in the house and the other has to leave. How will Advik and Gayatri deal with this problem?

Episode 07 – Unity is Strength
Advik and Gayatri work together on the office project to save their jobs. While chatting with Ashish and his wife, Advik and Gayatri convince them about saving their marriage, as they are on the verge Read More…

Episode 08 – Surprise Visit by Fathers
Advik is surprised seeing his father who comes to visit him. He leaves no stone unturned to hide Gayatri from his father. Somehow, he manages to take his father out for a walk and in the meantime, Gayatri’s father visits their house. How will Gayatri and Advik hide from their fathers that they are living in the same flat with each other?

Episode 09 – Fathers Come Face-to-Face
Advik and Gayatri are worried as their fathers have come home uninformed. They leave no stone unturned to stop their fathers from coming face-to-face, but unfortunately, they meet. How will they tackle the question asked by their fathers?

Episode 10 – Fired From Work
Advik and Gayatri’s project is rejected by the client and as a result, both of them lose their jobs. Meanwhile, Gayatri feels that she could be pregnant, so she forces Advik to accompany her to the hospital for doing the medical tests. At the hospital, Gayatri informs Advik about her ex-boyfriend, Sandy.

Episode 11 – The Bittersweet Revenge
Advik plans to teach Sandy a lesson, so he calls Sandy’s wife to the café, where he has arranged a fake date for Gayatri and Sandy. Sandy’s wife is angered when she sees him with Gayatri and drags him from the café. Gayatri thanks Advik for his help and plans a candle-light dinner with him.

Episode 12 – Ending or new Beginning
Gayatri is weeping as she shares with Advik that they have become emotionally attached to each other in recent past. Advik is scared but commits that whatever happens, he will always be there to support her. Bursting into laughter, Gayatri says that she was just playing a prank. Sunaina calls Gayatri and hands over an envelope, after which Gayatri come back to her house, where she sees Advik. Will Advik and Gayatri change their decision of leaving Mumbai.

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