Title: Hum I’m Because of Us AltBalaji Web Series
Genres: Drama
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 30 July 2018
Quality: HDRip x264
Format: MP4
Size: Approx. 130-MB

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Hum I’m Because of Us Complete Episodes 720p HD Download Free Having a sister is the best gift one can get, but what happens when that is at stake? Aspirations and desires take the three sisters to Mumbai. The sisters share a thick bond and always have each other’s back, but the big city has different plans in store for them. Will their bond be tarnished when ambition and love bring about a conflict? Will the big city make their dreams come true or test what it takes? Watch to know more. Streaming soon on ALTBalaji Web Series All Episodes.

Series Cast Of Hum I’m Because of Us Season 1:

  • Kushal Tandon
  • Ridhima Pandit
  • Karishma Sharma
  • Payal Bhojwani
  • Satyajeet Sharma
  • R. Bhakti Klein
  • Daniel O’Kane

The Kapoor girls: Episode 1

Her Royal Highness, Princess of Daulatganj, Rooprani Kapoor marks her 25th wedding anniversary. Hum Season 1 Episodes She is fond of revisiting old memories of her late husband. After all, the marriage gave her three lovely daughters, Devina, Isha, and Sakshi. The three sisters leave for Mumbai when they receive an invitation to Vikram Bedi’s 50th Birthday party.

Big city, bigger dreams: Episode 2

New to the city, the three sisters set out to explore Mumbai as well as to search for means of livelihood. But Rooprani has one condition – it better be a respectable job. While Isha believes her charm can take her places, Devina emerges stronger after facing several rejections. Hum AltBalaji Web Series Free Download At the end of a difficult day, the man of Devina’s dreams comes to her rescue.

Trouble in paradise: Episode 3

So far, Mumbai has been treating the Kapoors just fine. While Isha chooses to soak in the city’s energies, Devina tries her best to fit into her job as a waitress. But, it also troubles her that she is forced to hide this truth from her mother. Hum Web Series Free Download At the same time, she is certain that Rahul will keep her secret safe. However, a tense dinner table conversation at the Bedi’s threatens to reveal a different side of the Kapoors.

Dreams do come true: Episode 4

Rooprani Kapoor has always lived life on her own terms. Keeping this in mind, she makes an important announcement. The sisters regale at their mother’s decision. It’s a promise of a new life – full of hard work, unexpected gifts, and a few skirmishes of the egos, as Pammi is not happy with the sisters’ growing closeness to Mr. Bedi.

Games people play: Episode 5

Rahul’s friendly ways impress Devina, as she begins to fall for him. But does Rahul feel the same way for Devina? Whatever be his true intentions, Isha warns him not to play with her sister’s feelings. There will be consequences he won’t be able to handle. How long will the bond of the three sisters last?

The proposal: Episode 6

It’s time for the girls to let loose. At a party, Devina and Isha drink, shake a leg, and let go. The dance floor witnesses some cool moves and lots of jealousy. Rahul dances with Devina, and Isha enjoys with Mr. Bedi. But when it comes to choosing between a boy and her sisters, Isha is very clear where her loyalties lie. Should Rahul be worried about his intentions?

A twist in the fairy tale: Episode 7

Rahul meets Devina knowing that the only way to get to Isha is through her. Devina’s heart is breaking but she promises to talk to Isha on Rahul’s behalf. Isha is happy to know what’s on Rahul mind. So, when Rahul proposes she accepts. But Mr. Bedi has other plans for her.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend: Episode 8

Isha faces the big decision of choosing a life partner. No matter whom she chooses, her entire family will face the consequences. Both Rahul and Vikram are ready to wait for her answer. Since leaving Mumbai is not an option for Isha, she must make a choice. At a party thrown by Rahul, everyone hopes Isha will take the right step.

Decisions and sacrifices: Episode 9

Marriages are made in heaven, but choosing a wrong partner can make life a living hell. Devina fails to make Isha understand the consequences of her decision. Devina takes it upon herself to save the two people closest to her from ruining their lives. On the other hand, Pammi can’t see her brother Vikram make a grave error in choosing his life partner.

The games must go on: Episode 10

Isha and Vikram start preparations for their wedding. But those around them are not yet ready for this alliance. Hum Series All Episodes Free Download Even Pammi’s calculated attempt is spoiled by Isha’s smart counter. But Pammi doesn’t give up and invites Rooprani to Mumbai. How long will the sisters manage to keep their mother in the dark about Isha’s choice of husband?

Heart vs mind: Episode 11

Finally, everyone accepts Isha’s decision of marrying Vikram. With dance and music, they all gather for the Sangeet ceremony of the couple. But before Isha can tie the knot with Vikram, she must sign some papers. Is Vikram’s love for Isha conditional? Meanwhile, Rahul learns the identity of the man who broke Devina’s heart.

The day of the wedding: Episode 12

The day of Isha and Vikram’s wedding finally arrives. Isha is a reluctant bride who gives everyone a scare by running away from the wedding. Rahul and the Kapoors are delighted at the prospect of a cancelled wedding.

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