Title: Liftman Web Series Hindi Dubbed
Genre: Comedy
Release Date: 20 July 2018
Language: Hindi
Quality: 720p x264
Format: MP4
Size: Approx. 80-MB



Free Download Liftman In Hindi Season 1 Series is a ZEE5 Marathi Original starring popular Marathi comedian Bhau Kadam. The story revolves around the misadventures of a Liftman who starts working in a new building. Enjoy this hilarious web series with Bhau Kadam at his best.

Episode 1 – Ghost Story
Bhau finds a new job as a liftman. However, his very first night at work soon turns eventful when one of his early visitors turn out to be a ghost. The action-packed night, though, offer dollops of humour and spook in equal measure.

Episode 2 – Family Court
While at work, Bhau has a dispute with his brother over a mango farm in their ancestral home. The argument snowballs into a hilarious narrative when three high profile officers, also present in the lift, get involved in Bhau’s dispute and the lift turns into a family court.

Episode 3 -Breakup Guru
When a couple, who are on the verge of breaking up, enters the lift, Bhau decides to put on his counsellor’s hat for them. Will his advice be helpful or will it backfire on himself?

Episode 4 -Thalaiva Rajinikanth
Inspired after watching a viral video online, Bhau dreams of becoming the next Rajinikanth. The lift turns into a stage and Bhau is at his absolute best as he entertains people with his crazy act.

Episode 5 – Lady Trouble
A North Indian lady (played by Namrata Sambherao) needs to reach the 17th floor but her fear of elevators turns her hesitant. Liftman Bhau now has to choose between patiently handling the woman and losing his cool over her tantrums.

Episode 6 – Bhau’s Addiction
Bhau has promised his wife that he would quit tobacco and tries his best to keep that promise. But as luck would have it, Bhau’s resolve is put to a stern test when he encounters multiple people in the lift who all remind him of his tobacco addiction. Can Bhau overcome the temptations?

Episode 7 – Film Audition
On an unusually busy day, liftman Bhau is surprised to find countless new visitors and soon learns that they all are budding actors come for a film audition in the building. This acts as a moment of inspiration for Bhau who is convinced that even he has a good chance of making in big in films.

Episode 8 – Crossword Puzzle
On an uneventful day at work, a simple crossword puzzle sparks Bhau’s imagination. He is now a man on a mission racking his brain to solve the puzzle and thereby, win the gift prize.

Episode 9 – Handshake with Dreamgirl
When an attractive foreigner enters the lift, Bhau is bowled over completely by her exotic beauty and charm. He wants nothing in life but to shake hands with her just once. Will his wish come true?

Episode 10 – Ant in Pant
When an ant enters Bhau’s pants, the liftman finds himself in a helpless situation. The fellow tenants of the lift, though, are unaware of his misery and wrongly misunderstand his forced antics.

Direct Download Links Of Liftman Season 1 All Episodes In Hindi 720p HD Given Below

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Download Episode 5

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Download Episode 7

Download Episode 8

Download Episode 9

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