STARRING :Nabeel Ahmed, Vijayant Narayan
GENRE :Comedy, Stoner
LANGUAGE :English, Hindi
RELEASED: May 29, 2017

Raman and Mallik are two bachelors, who are roommates, they roll a joint, and smoke some dope ass weed, get high and baked and get munchies, After Smoking a few joints. It’s a crisis, A munchies crisis. will they cook? or order from outside? how will they eat? what will they eat? Pizza maybe? Watch them Tripping on their trippy Adventures on the All new Web series ‘Maal Bro’.

Maal Bro Plot

Mallik and Raman are two Bachelors living in a rented apartment in Delhi. Raman is a Struggling Guitarist, who is quite easy with the girls and Mallik is a Ph.D. student and a stoner. Their bond is strengthened by the fact that they smoke Weed together. There constant struggle with munchies gets them into weird situations and there Stoned state of mind makes the situations Funny. Raman’s romantic relationships are a menace for Mallik. Mallik finds him in trouble because of his ‘Maal Bro’ Raman every now and then. Situations take a turn when Raman has a female guest at the place and he decides to serve her Mallik’s expensive whiskey. Malik is annoyed with Raman for doing this, without asking him. There is a twist to the story when Mallik and Raman discover there is something interesting about the encounter with the female guest. One the other hand there is a constant struggle for them to pay their bills, rent and find their phones and lighters in the vast expanse of their couch.

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Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

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