Title: Six Season 1 (Hoichoi)
Genres: Thriller
Country: India
Language: Bengali
Release Date: 26 January 2018
Quality: 720p HDRip x264
Format: MP4
Size: Approx. 300-MB

IMDb | Hoichoi


Six Web Series By Hoichoi All Episodes Free Download Direct Links 720p Soumyojit Ray’s life turns upside down, when his wife suddenly dies and he gets accused. Hoichoi Originals presents Six, a never-seen-before psycho-thriller.

The Episodes are:-

S01E01 Can’t stay with you anymore
– Soumya waits for his wife Rikhia at a restaurant, but instead gets a letter from her colleague Razia, that mentions her unwillingness to stay with him. Anxious he reaches home only to find his wife Rikhia dead.

S01E02 Woman in red
– Soumya is falsely accused of murdering his wife, Rikhia. Is inspector Chokhani rightfully suspecting him or is there a hidden truth?

S01E03 You killed that bitch
– A puzzled Soumyo is helped by an unknown bike rider to escape from the police’s interrogation. However, Razia meets him just in time to inform him, to not believe Rudra’s intentions. Did Soumyo take a wise decision by escaping with him?

S01E04 Rikhia returns
– Soumyo is on the run and eventually lands up in his mess to meet his former inmate Bhanu Da. Meanwhile Nilanjan and Dhiman discover a pregnancy kit in Soumyo’s apartment.

S01E05 I can hear myself
– Soumyo is constantly on the run and tries to contact Mitra, Rikhia’s mother. While he meets her to convince her about his innocence, their meeting is interrupted by a call from Anindya, Soumyo’s friend.

S01E06 Kid who knows too much
– As his escapades get marginally missed by the police, they tirelessly continue their chase and come across certain evidences that leaves Soumyo as the prime suspect. Evidences seldom lie; is Soumyo Roy a killer?

S01E07 Mission Dr.Pakrashi
– Soumyo reaches his mess where he finds Rudra confronting Bhanu da and tries to take Rudra’s support. Inspector Chokhani arrives at the scene, that causes them to escape again.

S01E08 Forget Rikhia forget everything
– Soumyo finds himself caught in a web of belief and deceit. Accidentally, he stumbles upon Razia and escapes with her.

S01E09 It’s complicated
– Soumyo manages to reach Dr. Pakrashi’s place only to find Amitabha, Rikhia’s boss and others waiting for Pakrashi. Why is everyone searching for him?

S01E10 I’ll let you die
– It’s a make-or-break situation for Soumyo who is charged with the murder of his wife Rikhia, the woman he deeply loved. Is he the murderer, or the victim?

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