Title: What’s Up Bai Season 1
Genre: Drama | Comedy
Language: Hindi
Release On: 13 December 2018
Quality: 720p HDRip x264
Audio: AAC
Format: MP4
Size: 1.4-GB



Free Download What’s up Bai is a ZEE5 Hindi Original series starring Dhanya Balakrishna, Rakendu Mouli, Abhirami Iyer and Praveen Kumar M. What’s Up Bai Full Episodes Download In Hindi The story revolves around Jessi, an ultra-modern & tech savvy maid, who is an integral part of Natraj’s life. Things get complicated when Natraj’s newly-wed wife feels jealous of Jessi’s tech savvy skills and her chemistry with Natraj.

What’s Up Bai Hindi Episodes Synopsis:

Episode 12 – It’s a Scary World Out There
Rocky has a scary dream where he is abducted and murdered by two terrorists who look like Jessi and Biravan. Can Rocky find the real terrorist?

Episode 11 – Guilty Until Proven Innocent
Rocky comes home and learns about the chaos in Nutty’s life. What’s Up Bai ZEE5 Hindi Episodes 720p HD He watches a new clip where an apparent terrorist attack has been planned by a sleeper cell. Rocky swings into action to nab the terrorist.

Episode 10 – Dude! Your World Just Went Awwwwry
More chaos follows when a lady comes home with a kid and calls it Nutty’s child. The situation gets tense and Nutty is kicked out of his own house under the suspicion of having an extra marital affair.

Episode 9 – The Best Laid Plan
While Jessi, Laks and Nutty go out for dinner, Rocky arrives and has a heated argument with Jessi. What’s Up Bai Season 1 All Episodes Download In Hindi 720p HD A mini-break up ensues.

Episode 8 – Why be a Velakkari
Laks is still unsure why an educated girl like Jessie wants to be a house maid. Both Bairavan and Rocky give their versions of Jessie’s story, but they seem fake, so she decides to ask Jessi herself. After listening to her original story, they have a good laugh.

Episode 7 – Under Siege
Cable Murugan sneaks into the house to upload pirated movies. Jessie and Laks are stunned to discover him and they call Rocky to intervene and hand him over to the cops. Laks bonds with Jessie and figures out she is an inspiring person and develops a liking for her.

Episode 6 – Insecurities in Love
As Laks settles down in the new house, she finds that she is way too old fashioned. She feels left out when Bi, Jesssi and Nutty talk about social media, memes and other stuff. When Nutty is invited to a gamer’s conference in Mumbai, he asks Jessi to take care of Laks.

Episode 5 – Headed to the Altar
As the girl and boy like each other so the families agree to go ahead with the marriage. Nutty’s parents come down from the US and Jessi takes charge as the main wedding planner.

Episode 4 – The Visitors
Laks’ family agrees to meet Nutty at his home. What’s Up Bai Web Series Download In Hindi Dubbed Meanwhile, Nutty and Jessi have an argument he tells her to leave. Seshadri uncle comes to help Nutty and the meeting turns funny as Nutty’s good boy image is under a cloud of doubt. However, Laks is still impressed and gives her number to Nutty.

Episode 3 – Love at First Sight
Laks and Nutty meet at a coffee shop where she is accompanied by her uncle and this irks Nutty. What’s Up Bai Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Direct Download In Hindi Language The couple get to know a few things about each other and uncle informs Nutty that they would call him soon.

Episode 2 – My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Nutty reluctantly agrees to meet Laks, the girl his parents found. What’s Up Bai ZEE5 Free Download Full 720p HD Episodes Jessi tries her bit of convincing him. Finally, Nutty feels happy that he met Laks and is pleasantly surprised when Laks sends him a message.

Episode 1 – All the World is Maid’s Stage
While Nutty and Jessie are at home, Nutty’s mother calls to inform that the astrologer has asked to fix the wedding within the next three months. Will Nutty budge to parent’s pressure?

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